DRICON AG has a very focused approach. We focus on the consulting of investment decisions for companies at home and abroad. DRICON not only takes on the strategic advice, but also accompanies the operational implementation of the processes on site.

The work of DRICON is characterized by a high degree of internationality. Many projects are related to a foreign market. Our consultants have extensive experience abroad and speak several languages. In contrast to large international consultancies, we do not delegate our German clients to foreign branches and unknown consultants. We will accompany you personally from our headquarter in Frankfurt to the respective country. Our international team is organized according to regional focus. We are from the former Dresdner Bank, now Commerzbank Group. Our consultants have a high level of expertise in financing questions.

A university degree is a prerequisite for entry as a consultant. You should have completed a degree in business administration, economics, business engineering or law at a prestigious university with excellent grades. In addition to university education, you should have been involved in your leisure time in organizations, clubs or in the social field.

Our profession requires the ability to understand business relations and to develop and implement suggestions for improvement. We therefore expect applicants to have a keen interest in economic questions, a quick perception and creativity. They should be able to develop concepts and strategies that can be implemented. Crucial is your motivation to move things, overcome obstacles and achieve visible success.

The workload is always strongly dependent on the respective project situation. In general, the burden of our consultants is no higher than our competitors.

The travel expenses of our consultants are very different. It depends on their respective work centers and projects. The basic rule is that regular trips usually take only one-day trips within Germany. Depending on the task, however, the project work sometimes requires several-day trips abroad. Travel can take place worldwide. As a newcomer to DRICON, you will be mainly employed in our Frankfurt office.

You surely noticed that we use few anglicisms on our homepage. We do this for a good reason. Although we work internationally, most of our clients are based in Germany. They expect us to communicate in German. Our internal working language is therefore also German and should be mastered by our staff in both written and spoken. In order to be able to operate internationally, you should also be safe in English. With a third foreign language, you have significantly better chances to be employed in international projects. Preferred languages are Polish, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Romanian.

Project work is the best way to build up knowledge and gain experience. For this reason, it is the most important instrument for our employees' development. We make sure that our employees are used in diverse projects with the shortest possible running times. There is a training plan for each employee, which defines his next development steps and the activities to be learned. When selecting the projects, we take this plan into account and set the consultant in such a way that an optimal learning curve is possible. In addition, there are internal training courses and seminars on a regular basis. Another tool to promote your development is the regular staff and development talks. Here you get an analysis of your current performance and important suggestions for your further development.

We focus on the most strategically important topics of this period: internationalization and corporate finance. This gives us a clear positioning. With our expertise, we can offer our clients outstanding services. A particular strength lies in the combination of strategic conceptual consulting and active support in the implementation on site. We are one of the market leaders in countries such as Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Our company is growing rapidly, but small enough to offer new opportunities to new employees. 

Please use our contact form below the map to send your questions and suggestions to us. We will answer your contact request as soon as possible. If you would like to get in touch with us directly or contact us at our location in Frankfurt am Main, you will find our contact details as well as directions.

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