Economic planning


Investments always involve an economic and financial risk. It is a challenge to assess this correctly for international activities. The productivity of a planned production facility abroad is difficult to predict without experience. The same applies to locally incurred costs. Additional uncertainty can arise as a result of strong exchange rate fluctuations and high inflation rates.


Secured planning is of great importance for every business. Only in this way the interactions of the success factors can be recognized and the project can be correctly assessed. The results represent an indispensable basis for the investment decision. After the successful implementation of the project, the calculation is used as a controlling and control instrument.

Improvement of return

The quality of the economic planning has an impact on the return of investment. The result of a calculation is important, as well as the creation process. It corresponds to a cognitive process, which is an important help for the investor. During the planning stage, connections are clarified and business processes are simulated. Executives are thus preparing for implementation.


DRICON has extensive experience in all types of company calculations. We develop individual decision making that will help you achieve your economic goals. The focus is on:

  • Integrated business planning
  • Sensitivity and plausibility analyzes
  • Scenario and risk analysis
  • Valuation of exchange rate and inflation effects
  • Simulation models for clearing prices
  • Financing models


Our commercial plannings and studies honor themselves by high professional level. The calculations are project specific and individual. On account of our comprehensive foreign experiences we can pitch realistic acceptances and reach a high level of detail. Our objective assessment of capital project helps you to avoid risks and to improve the results obviously.

established DECISIONS

The detailed representation of a capital project happens with the help of a Feasibility study. In it are included beside the results of the calculation also an explanation of the business concept as well as an assessment of the chances and risks. The Feasibility study forms with it a central situation of information and decisive factor situation for the management and the supervision councils. At negotiations with banks it serves as a loan base.

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