Economic motives and decisions are often behind the willingness to sell business areas, company shares or entire subsidiaries. Therefore it is often the intention to separate from loss-making business activities. Cooperation with joint venture partners is often terminated by the sale of shares. In other cases, sales intentions are the result of strategic considerations. When companies re-define their long-term goals, business segments or participations can become less important. The sale is a logical step for the strategic realignment.


A sale generally strengthens the financial strength of the former owner. This is mainly due to sales revenues. If deficit units are sold, there is a second effect. The earnings and liquidity of the parent company are not affected by current losses anymore. Sales can be doubly valuable to a company. In order to successfully complete a transaction, a sales object must be defined and sold. This is easily possible with a separate subsidiary. On the other hand, the sale of business units or highly integrated companies require considerable preparations.

Certified approach

We accompany our mandators in the whole process as well as in single project phases:

  • Analysis of strategical disposal options
  • Spin-off sales objects
  • Inquiry of the enterprise value
  • Production of sales plans
  • Search and address of prospective buyers
  • Company of the Due Diligence
  • Coordination and presentation of negotiations
  • Support with the contract creation


The result of a sales transaction depends on the persons involved and the procedure. Our consultants are experienced in contacting potential buyers and negotiating. We maintain good contacts with a variety of companies and potential investors. Through our relationships with banks and affiliates, we are also able to contact potential buyers on a global scale.

With discretion and sensitivity

Our advisers work with a maximum on discretion and sensitivity. Thereby we avoid irritations with the affected employees and customers of our mandators. The sales of an enterprise or a unity are a luxurious process and require a professional approach. Only so a high disposal proceed can be achieved. We carry on with pleasure with you a non-binding conversation as we can support you.

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