Entrepreneurs and their partners are often so closely involved in day-to-day operations, that faulty developments are not discovered at all or only very late. Our check-up basically serves to create transparency for all parties involved. In addition to a purely systematic analysis of company data, we focus on structural interviews with the management. In this way, conclusions can be drawn quickly about possible mis-developments and possible solutions can be developed. In addition to an absolutely discreet approach, we attach great importance to the cooperation between companies and the DRICON team.

  • Continuous decrease in liquidity (Repeated expansion of credit lines, no or delayed repayment of funds)
  • Decreasing earnings (declining operating result, operating deficit)
  • Lack of transparency in communication with credit institutes and supervisory bodies (no clear corporate strategy)
  • No insight into the order situation
  • No availability of financial figures
  • Growth potential is present on the product and market side
  • Corporate structures must be made fit for growth
  • Identification of malfunctions
  • References to strategic deficits
  • Restrict problematic business areas and processes
  • Identification of value levers
  • Disclosure of the company situation
  • Improved assessment of default risks
  • Decision-making support about prolongation or termination of credit exposures
  • Thorough assessment of future company development
  • Analysis of the economic situation (liquidity, earnings, operating capacity)
  • Identifying the causes of crisis (Checking the central business processes)
  • Identification of potential growth potential and growth path
  • Forecast of future company development

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