Restructuring plan


The initiation of a re-development process begins with the creation of a viable concept. A professional re-development concept basically fulfills several purposes. On one side, transparency for external partners, e.g. Financing banks is created, secondly necessary trust is regained. On the other hand, the rehabilitation concept, as a centerpiece, contains a detailed plan of action. This shows immediate measures which prevent further consumption of values.


Furthermore, medium-term measures are defined which are intended to restore the economic viability of the company. Finally, recommendations are presented that enable a long-term recovery of the company. If a successful implementation of the developed action plan is possible at all levels, the restructuring concept contains a positive continuation forecast. This is compulsory due to legal reasons and forms the basis for all further re-devleopment steps.

  • Changed market and competition conditions
  • Acute strategic and operational need for action
  • Significantly poor sales, earnings and / or liquidity position
  • Positive assessment for sanitation
  • Narrowing and prioritizing the problem areas
  • Specific recommendations for operational management
  • Improvement of management expertise through external know-how
  • Detailed estimation of the costs and the duration of a turnaround
  • In-depth forecast of liquidity requirements and medium-return
  • Clear and controllable guidelines for company management
  • Detailed analysis of the identified causes of crises
  • Deduction of necessary sanitation measures
  • Creation of integrated business planning
  • Estimation of upside potentials and rehabilitation costs

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