Turnaround Management


Each concept is only as good as the actual implementation. Therefore it is of particular importance to us, to guide the operational implementation of our concepts.

On the one hand, it is useful as required activities often exceed capacity of management. On the other hand, certain measures can be implemented more efficiently by external experts. Particularly in the case of sensitive negotiations, e.g. with suppliers and financing partners, third-party support is more credible and often makes the difference.

Our consultants are extremely experienced in coping with corporate crises. They actively support the management and can tackle the measures both quickly and routinely.

  • Restricted scope for management
  • Need to realize cost reduction potentials
  • Need for special know-how to deal with crisis situations
  • Increased capacity required by the management for the turnaround
  • Takeover of operational management functions
  • Monitoring and controlling of liquidity
  • Communication with customers, suppliers and creditors
  • Check and update the restructure concept
  • Relief of the company management by interim managers
  • Introduction of effective controlling Instruments beyond the restructuring phase
  • Regain competitive advantage
  • Securing company information
  • Improve management quality
  • Ensure the implementation of the turnaround concept
  • Reduction of default risks

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